Hose fitting installation tool

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Have you ever had difficulty installing push on hose fittings to a rubber oil or fuel line hose? I have until I broke down and purchased a professional tool to do the job. Over the years, I have ended up with several of these. I use one regularly and want a back up in case my primary one breaks or I lose it but I still have a 3rd tool I just don't need. It will probably come in very handy to one of my customers who needs to install more than just the 4 fittings in my Refiner kit. Normally I tell my customers to just put the fitting in a bench vise and then push the end of the hose onto the fitting. This can still be an effort for some therefore the need for the right tool to do the job. These tools are expensive and therefore I have tried to make the price affordable and attractive to one person. Is that you?

Photo 1 shows tool by itself.

Photo 2 shows tool with completed fitting installed into hose end.

Hose fittings assembly and disassembly steps


1. Cut hose cleanly and squarely with a sharp knife or a plumbing PVC piping cut-off tool.

2. Lubricate the fitting and/or hose I.D. with a light oil or soapy water.

3. Insert fitting into hose until the barb is in the hose.

4. Place end fitting against a flat object (bench or wall) or clamp it into a bench vise. Grip hose approximately one inch from end and push with steady force until the end of the hose bottoms on the fitting and is covered by the yellow plastic cap.

Sealing integrity may be damaged by using exterior clamps.