New Universal Refiner by John Frantz Oil Filter Kit

Price: $299.95

Availability: in stock

Prod. Code: 102

This is the latest and best oil filter ever invented by John Frantz.

It is made of surgical stainless steel polished to a mirror finish.

Oil is partially cooled by vertical aluminum cooling fins that are located down the center of the canister.

The filter does not contain any internal serviceable parts, unlike previous classic models.

A newly designed "quick-disconnect" clamp secures the canister to the aluminum base.

The mounting bracket is even coated to help prevent rust.

This model can hold an entire roll of toilet paper without having to unwind dozens of turns of paper to make it fit.

This universal kit includes the following:

  • Polished stainless steel canister with cooling fins
  • Preinstalled toilet paper filter element
  • Aluminum filter base with oil restrictor built in
  • Quick-release clamp, T-bolt, & knob
  • Mounting bracket (coated for rust protection)
  • 7' Oil line hose
  • 2 Brass male oil line hose fittings
  • 2 Brass female oil line hose fittings
  • 2 Brass adaptor hose fittings
  • 4 Oetiker oil line hose clamps
  • 1 90-degree Brass elbow fitting
  • 1 45-degree Brass elbow fitting
  • 3 Mounting screws
  • 2 Mounting bolts, lock washers, & nuts
  • 1 Extra base gasket
  • Installation instructions

If you are already the proud owner of an older SKY model, you may order just the New Refiner by John Frantz filter unit itself (without the installation kit) and it will swap out with your existing unit since the hose fittings and mounting bracket are the same measurements. The basic unit also comes with a new mounting bracket should you wish to swap it out for a protected/coated one.