Installation Methods

How to install the Refiner filter by John Frantz

Often I am asked how to install the Refiner oil filter on a specific vehicle. Well there is one traditional method we've used for over 60 years now. This method involved accessing an oil pressure source by installing a brass Tee fitting where your oil gauge sending unit screws into the engine block and then screw the sending unit back into the Tee fitting. The other side of the Tee is where the Refiner supply oil hose is attached.

Now you need a method of returning the clean oil back into your engine. The traditional method again is to send it directly to the oil pan. This is done with the use of my self-threading hollow bolt. We provide you with a special punch tool to make a small hole in the oil pan. By punching the tool several times it will make an exact size hole and no larger because there is a flat landing on the tool preventing from going any further. Now that you have the exact size hole you can screw the self-tapping hollow bolt with sealing washer snug all the way. The head of this bolt is threaded to accept the hose fitting from your Refiner return oil hose. This will complete the circle path of oil.

All the necessary parts are included in my kit for your installation in this method.

Sometimes there are easier methods utilizing a sandwich ring adapter IF your engine has a screw on stock filter. I carry in stock for you most all sizes necessary for most vehicles new, used, foreign and domestic including trucks and boats. While these adapters are not a standard item in our kit, it often is a 5-minute job and you're done and is therefore worth the additional cost.

Some people like to return the clean oil to the oil filler cap utilizing a quick disconnect fitting shown in OUR PRODUCTS folder.

Some vehicles - usually trucks - have a plugged port on the engine and all you need to do is remove one or two of these ports and attach your oil lines directly.

Photos for the self-tapping hollow bolt, punch tool, and sandwich ring adapter are all shown in my OUR PRODUCTS folder.

I encourage you to call me to discuss which method will be best for your vehicle. My phone number is (951) 897-4153.