Recommended TP

Try to use our recommended toilet paper media

Recommended Replacement Cartridge for the New Oil Refiner – Revised 6/2/2019

We have tested several bath tissues successfully. Cottonelle bath tissues are available at Target, Walmart, and some grocery stores. Use the Cottonelle with the cello wrapper and BLUE in in the packaging. UPC Code 0 3600045248 8.


Target stores also sells a 1-ply bath tissue packaged in a clear cellophane wrapper called Great Value with the number “1000” printed in maroon ink that works well. A roll called Cozy Roll in packages of 12 rolls also seems to work well.

Recently, I bought some new Scott 1000 after conferring with a long-time customer who claimed the center core is now larger and doesn’t work in his older filter model. This roll has a center of about 1.7” instead of the prior 1.6” diameter. It certainly will work in the new Refiner model. I have always especially liked the density of the Scott roll.

Another new brand I tested is Fiora 1000. It is almost identical to the new Scott 1000. The center diameter is about 1.75” and maybe even 1.8”. Both will require unwinding some turns to make it fit into the Refiner. I think I unrolled about 15 turns. It has a high density too. Both measure 4.1” wide and the roll is about 4.6” in diameter. Both of these came from WinCo Foods store. I am going to start using the Fiora brand myself. The Scott cost $3.80 for 4 rolls. The Fiora cost $7.90 for 12 rolls. That’s only 65¢/roll.

The important factor is that the center cardboard core diameter must be at least 1.7” or LARGER than 1.6”.

James River produces a tissue, “Soft Plus,” that also fits the New Oil Refiner perfectly. “Soft Plus” (product number 135) is available from most janitorial supply stores west of the Rockies in cartons of 96 rolls.  The catalog (SKU) number is 310132 from Mantex Paper Products. It is packaged 500 sheets per roll (1 ply.) Search or phone (800) 261-4456. They are located in San Diego, CA.  Please note that the same product east of the Rockies has a small core and does not fit the Refiner.

I am told Caboo has a 2-ply roll made of bamboo and sugarcane which works very well. See for information. This TP has been tested by my retired customer who was in industrial paper sales. Remove 10 turns and it fits well into the New Oil Refiner Filter. Here are some U.S. retail outlets for Caboo: Wegmans, Bristol Farms, Whole Foods Mkt, Ingles, Lucky Vitamin, Market of Choice, Jet, Zupan’s, Harmons, Safeway, Albertsons, New Seasons, Metropolitan Mkt, Shaws, Central Mkt, and Shop’n Kart. Here are some Canadian outlets: Whole Foods, Avril, Choices Mkt, Big Carrot, Goodness Me,, Lucky Vitamin, Sustainable Produce, Urban Fare, Nesters Mkt, Fiesta Foods, and Buy-Low Foods.

Please remember to always place the new tissue roll onto the base first – not into the canister first.