Single port Sandwich Ring Adaptor

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Prod. Code: 201

This adaptor is sandwiched between your stock spin-on oil filter and the engine. A side treaded port allows an oil supply line to be attached to supply oil to the Refiner Oil Filter. It is a simple 5-minute process.

The adaptor has three oil SUPPLY ports and comes with two port plugs if three ports are unneeded. The three ports are for use with the Refiner adaptor, a possible oil temp gauge, and a possible oil pressure gauge. This eliminates stacking several adaptors atop one another when the options are desired.

The center nut secures the adaptor in place where the OEM filter attaches. The OEM filter then screws onto the adaptor. The ports are on the side of the adaptor. The center nut threads are specific to each engine. Many Chevrolet threads are 13/16-16 while many Ford engines are 3/4-16 and even metric so call us before ordering to ensure you receive the correct adaptor for your engine.

Available in black, silver, or blue. Click photo for additional photos of other colors available.

This item is not for engines using cartridge insert filters.