Duplex Sandwich Ring Adapter - 3/4" & 18mm thread

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Prod. Code: 203A

This sandwich adapter is a duplex model meaning it has a Supply and a Return port. No need to punch holes in your oil pan or attempt to locate your oil pressure sending unit. A simple 5 minute installation for the adapter means saved time and money. It is recommended to attach the oil lines to the adapter prior to installing the adapter. This is easier done on the workbench instead of under the car.

Once the adapter is screwed into place the only other thing to do is determine where you wish to mount the filter unit itself. Tie off lines away from hot or sharp items and add one quart of oil. That's it!

This adapter is 3/4" or 18mm sizes only. Advise office which you require or they will advise depending on your make/model engine.