Mini Quick Disconnect fitting

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This is a small nickel-plated quick disconnect fitting that uses the same 1/8"NPT threads used throughout your Refiner oil filter. It can be used at the oil fill cap to easily disconnect the oil line hose from the Refiner filter in order to add oil to the engine. Drill a hole in your filler cap and thread it with a 1/8"NPT tap. Simply screw the male threads of the quick disconnect into the new threads of the fill cap. Attach the opposite end of the quick disconnect to the end of the return oil line hose from the Refiner. Now you can return the clean oil from your Refiner directly to where you add fresh, clean oil. If you need to add oil then you may disconnect the hose from the fill cap and unscrew the fill cap for engine oil servicing. The engine should not be running when this fitting is disconnected.

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